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Trip Advisor Reviews: Best Seafood Buffet

trip advisor seafood buffet best review

Summer has transitioned to Autumn and we have received rave reviews for our Outer Banks Seafood Buffet. I pulled four in a row that I found on Trip Advisor. I provided screenshots below. It was exciting to see the things that were being said.

A few things stood out:

Meaty Crab Claws

One review mentioned that the crab claws and legs were meaty. When you go to a buffet you want the highest quality seafood. When you crack that Alaskan King Crab Leg you don’t want to “go fishing” for small amounts of flat tasting crab. That is not what we do here. I put an actual picture of a random crab claw from our buffet. Case in point!

meaty crab

meaty crab claws outer banks

Sweet Crab Meat

The review also talked about a key component of taste. They noticed the meat was sweet. There is nothing like cold water crab that bursts with taste in your mouth with a sweetness. Even before it is dipped in butter, it is a crab lovers delight and a sure sign of quality.

sweet crab legs


All You Can Eat Lobster

Another review mentioned that they enjoyed the AYCE Lobster tails while on the buffet before charting into other waters with things like clams and crab. Most people save a Lobster dinner for a special occasion and do not get it that often. Which is why I say “why just have one lobster”. Enjoy an ultra quality Jimmy’s “Lobster” Buffet and stock up.

lobster buffet outer banks

Maine Lobster

Also the AYCE Lobster serves he cold weather Canada/Maine variety. These are bigger lobsters with the iconic look that people think of when they think of Lobster. These are cold weather crustaceans that migrate from the New England waters into Canada and provide the quality we want at our buffet table.


Thank you

We thank everyone who has joined us. We are also grateful for your Trip Advisor reviews. We always strive to have a memorable high quality seafood buffet. We are always trying to improve and appreciate your honest feedback.

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trip advisor best buffet outer banks