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This Is One Buffet Story You Can’t Make Up..

lobster special on buffet outer banks

I truly believe some of the most entertaining restaurant stories take place at the buffet. The excitement of all your favorite seafood buffet dishes in one place with no limits, evokes different emotions in all of us. From stories of people eating until they nodded off to people taking whole trays to their seats, it really is true that truth can be stranger than fiction. But Jimmy’s Seafood Buffet has a great story that needs to be included in the pantheon of great buffet stories.

This Buffet Story Brought To You From Trip Advisor

I came across this story when I was perusing Trip Advisor. On a side note I thank everyone who took the time to talk about their Jimmy’s Seafood Buffet experience. What caught my eye was about this review was the headline which read:

OMG! She Put A Lobster In Her Purse!

obx lobster

As I read on, the reviewer talked about how one of the waiters in the Jimmy’s Seafood Buffet family shared the craziest thing he had ever seen at the buffet. In this case a women put a whole lobster in her purse. At first I chuckled as I enjoyed this 5 star review. But I kept thinking about it. As funny as it was, smuggling a lobster in your purse is a pretty great review in itself.

To Smuggle Or Not To Smuggle

Naturally I was not there on the day the bright red, fully shelled large lobster found its way into a purse. But I am pretty sure about one thing. This person loved seafood and enjoyed it so much that social graces and storage options went out the window when a chance to take the Jimmy’s seafood experience home arose. In fact, it seems rather spontaneous. I am just guessing a lot of planning did not go into the lobster grab. It was just pure love of the seafood. Like a kid in the candy store, the chance at another lobster dinner trumped good judgement.

Seafood Is Meant To Be Enjoyed At The Buffet But…lobster buffet outer banks

Granted the buffet is designed to be enjoyed on the premises. This is for a number of good reasons, many of which are health related. Seafood is safest and freshest if is prepared and served in the controlled temperature environment of our buffet line. Purses, car interiors, and outside air are not opportune for freshness. While we do not condone this, we will just end this with a big thank you for loving Jimmy’s Seafood Buffet that much!

Thank you for the great reviews….whatever form they come in