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Is One Buffet Visit For Crab Legs Enough?

crab legs buffet options

The one regret I have when I visit any crab or seafood buffet is the fact that I tend to only get one trip per vacation. For the crab lover one night at the buffet is just enough. The reason for this feeling is obvious. The Jimmy’s Seafood Buffet is a one stop crab leg lover or seafood lovers dream. With over 7 types of crab alone, I never feel like I really do justice to the concept of all you can eat.

I often feel reticent that I may have favored one type of crab over the other. Maybe I got too enamored with the sweet taste of the snow crab clusters and lazily shied away from the barbed Alaskan style crab legs. Likewise maybe I got distracted by pans of delectable fried shrimp,which took up time and valuable space that I could have used for stone crab claws. In addition other food groups distract me away from my beloved crab legs and crab claws. An example of this is the section of fresh desserts, which I cannot resist. Thus I give into them and have to use even more of that valuable digestive space that I could have used for crab legs.

crab legs buffet options

Naturally the reality sets in that I have to pace myself and I always long for one more night of crab buffet feasting. Then I think why not another visit to the crab legs buffet? Then I realize I am stuffed to the gills and maybe a bonus night at the buffet could push my body to dangerous limits of overcapacity. So what is the solution?

Go With A Jimmy’s Seafood Bucket..And Focus On The Crab Legs

Why not order a carryout seafood bucket to enjoy the buffet more than once on your trip? Our seafood buckets let you pick the shellfish assortments of our most popular seafood items. You can choose from lobster, shrimp, and of course, lots off crab. This allows you to double up on those incredible clusters of crab one more time. It also allows you to skip the wait and enjoy our ocean to table seafood in the convenience of your rental or beach home.

crab legs carryout

It Is Like A Bonus Buffet Night

Now you can enjoy Jimmy’s crab legs more than one meal on your vacation. Think of it as a bonus night at the crab legs buffet!