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Choosing The Right Father’s Day Gift

fathers day

The Father’s Day Holiday. The tradition of having to get Dad the perfect gift. Unfortunately many of these efforts tend to fall flat. Usually I would go off on a tangent on scary or impractical gifts that Dad will pretend to like, but may miss the mark. I would expect you to get a chuckle at some off the horrifying selections out there like an A1 scented candle, bacon shaving cream, or a tie.

Fathers Day TieA New Approach To Choosing A Father’s Day Gift

I am taking a more proactive approach today. Rather than recommend you buy this or that I want to inspire you, and in doing so, helping you choose a gift based on the heartfelt feelings you have for dear old Dad.

Our love for Dad spans a lot of different things. Humor, love, dedication, and sacrifice are just some off the things that come to mind when we try to personify what makes a great Dad. Here are some links to different stories, quotes, and anecdotes about Dad.

Short Stories From Reader’s Digest About Dad

Here is a link to stories about some of the unique attributes of God. Everyone has different stories and memories.

Fathers Day Quotes

No piece would be complete without inspiring Fathers Day Quotes. These bite sized pieces of wisdom are a great way to reflect. Here is the link.

Funny Father’s Day Stories

These are my favorite. As a Dad you have peccadilloes. Raising kids is not easy. That requires creativity…Dad style. Enjoy these stories and recollect on all those moments where you thought Dad was going bonko… Here is a link to stories about Father’s in another continent, acting just as crazy as Fathers right here in the Outer Banks.

And Of Course Ridiculous Father’s Day Gifts

I couldn’t help but include a link to this sideshow of novelties and strange gifts. Look at your at own risk.

Join Us On Father’s Day At Jimmy’s Buffet

I hope this helps you in your journey for the perfect heartfelt Father’s Day gift. Come join us at Jimmy’s Buffet for a meal Dad will love!